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The Emmaus Community of St Benedict is an Edinburgh based new monastic community.  We are a small ecumenical group who seek to go deeper in our spiritual lives by following the rule of St Benedict and finding ways to pray, study and share together.


We meet weekly, pray for one another daily and seek to be accountable to our community in the promises we have made.  We are on a journey of exploration – both as individuals and as a community.  Since the beginning of lockdown, we have moved our gatherings online.

Listen, child of God… (opening words to the Rule of St Benedict)

We seek to listen, to reflect and to respond.


Last Saturday of each month 10-11 online – an opportunity to explore the wisdom and insights of Benedictine Spirituality for our living today.

Everyone is very welcome.


If you are interested in finding out more about who we are, please contact our Prior, Marion Chatterley.  If you live outside Edinburgh and are interested in the Benedictine way of life, we suggest that you explore the Lay Community of St Benedict.