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The Emmaus Community of St Benedict is grounded in the life and ministry of Emmaus House.  We are seeking to explore what it means to form a  new monastic community as a fresh expression of church.  We are a small group of people who live and meet in Edinburgh.

For anyone desiring to make the psalmist’s words of hope and trust their own, as Benedictine novices have across the centuries, what follows is an invitation to share that seeking for God with companions on the way guided by the Rule and spirituality of St Benedict.

If you are interested in finding out more about who we are, please contact our Prior, Marion Chatterley.  If you live outside Edinburgh and are interested in the Benedictine way of life, we suggest that you explore the Lay Community of St Benedict.  


A welcome from Rev Andrew Bain, Chaplain, Emmaus House:

Listen my child to the teachings of your Master and incline the ear of your heart…

IMG_0660“Living with Benedict’s Rule as a dispersed community and sharing our joys and struggles, we learn together the  relevance of the Rule’s practical wisdom for people of today. For anyone seeking stability, peace and wholeness in a fast-paced world with many challenges, Benedict’s almost counter-intuitive invitation to obedience, humility and conversion offers a way of life “road-tested” by 1500 years of lived experience. The invitation is a loving one, made with absolute confidence that this is a way that leads to fullness of life and joy”.



A welcome from The Right Reverend John Armes, Episcopalian Bishop of Edinburgh:

Bishop John

‘It is prayer that enables the church’s heart to beat in rhythm with God.  Prayer is not a defence against the world but the means by which we learn to see the world through God’s eyes.  St Benedict understood this in his day and the Emmaus community offers it in ours.  For to walk the way of Christ should not be a lonely journey.  We all need companions who will travel beside us in our daily walk with Christ, to share their food and to offer our own in return.  This is why I’m delighted to be associated with the Emmaus Community of St Benedict.  And I suspect I shall gain far more from it than I shall give.’

Bishop John preached at our service of blessing on September 28th. if you were unable to be there or would like to be reminded of what he said, you can read it here.

Love has its speed – Bishop John Armes