Our commitment

We meet every Monday evening to pray together and to spend time as a Community.  Our prayer is framed within a Benedictine Office liturgy which includes Lectio Divina – either on the Gospel for the day, a section of the Rule of St Benedict or another spiritual reading such as poetry.  Once a month we have a longer meeting when we share a meal together.


Three times a year we have a Chapter Day – this is our opportunity to discern the way forward for our community and to make decisions about the shape of our regular meetings.  Once a year we have a residential Chapter meeting (usually on Cumbrae) where we are able to spend more time together, to have deeper discussion of the issues that are important to us and when we renew our Oblation.


We host Open Days twice a year when an invited speaker shares something of their journey with the Rule.  These days are open to anyone who is interested.