Recommended reading

Recommended reading

For anyone interested exploring further (or thinking about joining our community) the following titles are ones we’ve found most helpful and accessible for interpreting Benedict’s Rule for our everyday lives.

“Benedict’s Way: an ancient monk’s insights for a balanced life” – Lonni Collins Pratt and Father Daniel Homan OSB. A Roman Catholic laywoman and a Benedictine monk share short reflections on aspects of the Rule. Helpful insights from monastic and family life – our top recommendation for approaching the Rule for the first time.

“Seeking God: The Way of St Benedict” – Esther de Waal. First published in 1984, Esther’s book was the first to make the Rule accessible to a wider audience. Drawing from her days living at Canterbury Cathedral, a Benedictine foundation, Esther explores the depths of Benedict’s Rule as inspiration for following Christ today.

“The Rule of St Benedict: Insights for the ages” – Joan Chittister OSB. Daily portions of the Rule with commentary from Sister Joan, a feisty Catholic nun with a passion for sharing how the Rule can enable radical discipleship.

“Crossing: Reclaiming the landscape of our lives” – Mark Barrett OSB. Referencing films, novels and the joys and challenges of his own life, Brother Mark frames his reflections around the offices of the monastic day, drawing out depths of meaning for thinking about stages and transitions in all our lives.

“Always we begin again: the Benedictine way of living” – John McQuiston II. A very brief but interesting reinterpretation of the Rule for anyone wanting to adopt Benedictine patterns of life from a non-theistic perspective.

“Finding sanctuary: Monastic steps for everyday life” – Christopher Jamieson OSB. Following the massively popular “The Monastery” series on BBC, Abbot Christopher offers thoughts on our need for silence and for balance in our busy 24/7 lives.

“Downtown monks: A Benedictine journey in the city” – Albert Holz OSB. A group of monks in downtown New Jersey respond to the needs of the community around them. The Rule lived out in an urban setting with all the challenges of modern city life.